1. How To Make QR Codes Work For Your Business

    Belon.gs sticker tags

    You’ve probably noticed that QR codes seem to be everywhere. And with people increasingly scanning more QR codes, it seems everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon.

    But before you get all excited, understanding how to efficiently use QR codes in your marketing activities is essential to any success you hope achieve.

    Nevertheless, it’s one of the easiest ways to bridge the gap between the offline and online world. That also allows you supplement your marketing with even more relevant content.

    Yet for some bizarre reason, sticking a QR code without putting much thought into it doesn’t always produce the results you had expected.

    So, how can you make QR codes work for your business?

    How To Make QR Codes Work For Your Business

    Make It Easy To Scan

    Ok, taking your smartphone out of your pocket, unlocking it and launching the QR code scanner takes time! So here at Belon.gs, we tend to cringe a little whenever we see QR codes on moving objects or in places where scanning them can lead to a serious injury.

    To get a better idea of what we mean, check out this post from eConsultancy: 11 Dubious Uses Of QR Codes

    Highly Visible

    For your QR codes to work, they need to standout so that people notice them. There are many places where you put a QR code such as; posters, flyers, brochures, product packaging and even on receipts.

    Yet they need to be visible for everyone to take notice. Having a small little code on bottom of your poster just isn’t going to cut it. Neither if the person needs to crouch down to scan it, which is sometimes the case with outdoor advertisements.

    Call To Action

    A call to action (CTA) is essential for getting people to scan your QR codes. A good CTA tells you why you should scan the code and what benefit you’ll receive.

    It’s all about motivation here, and without anything indicating what to expect, nobody is going to scan your codes.

    With Belon.gs sticker tags, our CTA is to scan (of course!) but with the prospect of a possible reward waiting for the finder.

    Mobile Optimized Landing Page

    Listen, if you’re going to use QR codes as part of your marketing, please have a website that’s mobile optimized!

    Most people will be using their smartphones to scan the codes, and unless they a lightning fast network connection with a ginormous screen (e.g. Galaxy Note) – you’re going to have a bad time converting them into paying customers.

    And there you have it, master these four tips and you are all set to make QR codes work for your business. Have you got any other tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below. And as always don’t forget to order your free Belon.gs sticker tags.

  2. Ah, it’s that time of year again where we get to dress up as vampires, wizards, witches or the latest superhero to hit the big screen.

    From everyone at Belon.gs, we’d like to wish you a Happy Halloween!

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    The Belon.gs Team

  3. The Business User Guide

    If you’re like most people, you probably hate losing your valuable items. But when company gear is in involved, you really have no excuse not using Belon.gs. Especially when you’re explaining and reporting your devices as lost to management.

    You might remember last week, we published the student survival guide to using Belon.gs. And so this week we went ahead to publish the business user guide.

    Here you’ll find a list of items every business user needs to tag to make sure your items find their way back into the right hands.

    How to use Belon.gs… like a boss!

    External hard drives

    External hard drive tagged with Belon.gs

    Losing your external hard drive is like having your computer crash on you at the worst possible moment. You probably store a lot of data on it and most likely have a backup copy of your main computer.

    Just about any Apple accessory

    Apple accessories with Belon.gs

    Want to pay another extra $30 for an adapter? We thought you wouldn’t. Which is why tagging any Apple accessory is a must! And if you do a lot of presentations from your MacBook, you probably don’t want to lose  your DVI to VGA/HDMI adapter and remote.

    Battery chargers

    Phone charger with Belon.gs

    Need to send off an important email asap? If you’re on the road a lot and a heavy smartphone user, you can imagine how inconvenient losing and replacing one of your chargers can be - especially when all the stores are closed.


    Belon.gs on MacBook

    Believe it or not, but you can actually forget your laptop at the airport or just about anywhere if you do loads of traveling and always in a hurry. Better be safe and tag it with Belon.gs


    iPad with Belon.gs

    The same applies to tablets; hotel rooms, cafes, buses, taxis and even airplanes, are just a few places where you can misplace your tablet.

    Mobile phone

    Mobile phones tagged with Belon.gs

    Never mind that you will miss that all important call if you lose your phone. But all your business contacts on it will be lost too.

    Kindle – eBook reader

    Kindle with Belon.gs

    What would your long commute or business trip be like if you couldn’t catch up on some reading? Sure you might have your tablet or smartphone with you, but you probably want to save the battery for something important. Plus nothing really beats reading from the Kindle.

    Got any other suggestions? We’d love to hear about other item you’ve been tagging, and as always, don’t forget to like us on Facebook

  4. The Belon.gs Student Survival Guide

    Losing your stuff sucks! Big time. And I’m not just talking about losing something that’s easily replaceable like a pencil or a ruler. I’m talking about something that is probably every student’s worst nightmare.

    You’ve spent endless hours studying for a final that you just got to pass. Read the book like a gazillion times, written tons of notes like there’s no tomorrow and the exam is in couple of days time.

    Yet, you still got to touch base on a few more topics before D-day. And when you finally get home, your book full of notes, is nowhere to be found.

    It could be anywhere! And unless you have a Belon.gs sticker tag, the finder doesn’t have an easy way of contacting you.

    Now this is just one scenario a lot people fear, and it’s probably the worst of them all. But what about other items where Belon.gs sticker tags come in handy and prevent a mental breakdown?

    The Belon.gs Student Survival Guide: 8 Items Every Student Needs To Tag

    Textbooks and notebooks

    textbooks with Belon.gs

    There are many places you could leave them behind. The downtown café, city library, on the bus or maybe it just fell out of your bag. In any case the person who finds it doesn’t know where you study, or have anyway of easily contacting you.

    Cell phones

    Belon.gs Tag on Lumia 800

    Besides losing a fancy phone, you can also lose all of your contacts. Now, you might think that the finder can simply redial the most recent contact. However, most phones require a code to unlock it before you can start browsing through its content. And of course there’s the battery life!

    Graphics calculator

    Graphics calculator with Belon.gs

    This monster of a calculating machine, is a must have for anyone doing mathematics, physics, chemistry or finance. Now, losing this beast is going to hurt especially when you’re preparing for an exam and need to hand in your homework assignments.

    MP3 player

    iPods with Belon.gs

    MP3 players come in all shapes and sizes. But what they all have in common is that they are super easy to lose.  iPod shuffle owners probably know what we’re talking about!

    USB sticks

    USB Sticks with Belon.gs

    While cloud storage apps like, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box have taken their place on our computers. USB sticks, believe or not, are incredibly useful when you need to transfer large amounts of data between computers. Especially when upload speeds can be annoyingly slow!


    never lose your keys

    Here is where the anonymity feature of Belon.gs really shines. You wouldn’t put your name and address on your keys, because that’s like inviting everybody to raid your home!

    Keys can fall out of your pockets, no matter how careful you are and you may not notice them gone until you’re outside the front door. By which time they could be found before you need to call someone to let you in your home.


    Headphones with Belon.gs

    Sometimes we need a little music to push us through the mundane tasks of reviewing class notes and finishing homework. You can probably imagine how agonizing it is when you are off to the library and realize you can’t listen to your favorite tunes.


    Point and shoot camera with Belon.gs

    Sometimes your smartphone camera just doesn’t cut it. Especially when there’s little light.

    And when there’s a huge party happening, you want to capture those crazy moments with a good quality camera. Of course there are other places where you can lose your camera. But when there’s alcohol and a huge crowd involved, you’re going to wish you had a Belon.gs sticker tag ;)

    So there you have it, eight items every student needs to tag with Belon.gs. Did we miss something? Let us know by commenting on this, and as always don’t forget to order your free Belon.gs sticker tags.

  5. What Is A QR Code?

    Belon.gs Tag on Lumia 800

    They seem to be all over the place these days! You’ll typically find them on business cards, at events, on advertisements and sometimes (bizarrely) on the back of a lorry. But what exactly is a QR code?

    At first glance, QR codes can look surprisingly similar to bar codes found on commercial products. Well, they kind of are like bar codes. But, you’ll find that the most notable difference between them is that QR codes are two-dimensional, and store data both horizontally and vertically.

    Because QR codes are 2D, they can store substantially more data than bar codes. Allowing mobile users to easily access information on the fly and perform actions like:

    • Dialing a phone number
    • Downloading contact information
    • Sending an SMS
    • Visit a URL
    • Send en email
    • Save a note/reminder
    • View a special announcement

    All of which can be performed in a matter of seconds! Making them a key element in mobile marketing, and the number one reason why you’ll always bump into one wherever you go.

    Have you seen a QR code in a bizarre place? We’d love to hear where in the comments section.

  6. It’s time to kick-start the Belon.gs Blog!

    Welcome to our brand new blog! Your go-to resource for anything related to Belon.gs, QR codes, managing your items, plus the occasional front line stories to help fellow entrepreneurs with their startups.

    For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with Belon.gs - we’re a young startup founded in the summer 2012. Our first product is a next generation lost and found solution that helps you find your lost items with the use of QR codes and unique URLs (available for free by clicking here!).

    And that’s just the beginning! Since we started, we’ve built upon the original idea and also enabled businesses to use our platform as an affordable asset management system. With more plans in the pipeline, such as our new track and trace solution for the pharmaceutical, food, and clothing industries – Belon.gs is moving at an exciting speed.

    So why have we decided to start blogging? Well, we wanted a way to share more information with you. While Twitter and Facebook are great, we felt a blog gives us more flexibility in publishing content that goes more in depth into what’s happening in our industry and here at Belon.gs

    In short, the belon.gs blog will deliver valuable information about:

    • QR codes
    • Item asset management
    • Track and trace
    • Lost and found solutions
    • New announcements, e.g. product, new hires, etc.
    • Belon.gs stories

    But most importantly we would love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions, comments or feedback you have for us.

    So there you have it, we hope you’ll enjoy the blog and like us on Facebook. You can also subscribe to the blog via RSS so you’ll stay updated on all of our posts.

  7. Coming soon! The Belon.gs Blog

  8. Hello everyone,

    We’re glad to announce that Belon.gs is in the process of setting up a blog. But as you can see, we still need to sort out some design details to make sure you have a pleasant experience.

    Make sure to bookmark us and come back very soon to find out what we have planned for our brand new blog.

    And also feel free to make any suggestions, we love hearing from you.


    The Belon.gs Team